Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So we're doing our first round of standardized testing around here, interestingly called the STAAR Tests. Our little people are stressed! It's been pushed and pushed so much lately that they can't help but feel the anxiety. I don't blame the teachers. I think it's out of their hands, but as a room mom, I had to offer some comfort: 

Fear not young padawans, the force is
strong with you. Soon Jedi Masters over
these STAAR testing wars you will be.  

These badges will be going to school tomorrow for each of the students. Of course teacher gets a fancy one:

Then hopefully with permission, these star bubble wands will be for the end of the day. You know, let a little steam off. :D

I have one more idea for the very end at Day 2, but I'm still trying to get permission since it's not an approved "treat day." ReDONCulous! When did elementary school get so strict and lame? JUST KIDDING all you health freaks...okay maybe not totally kidding. ;)

May the Force be with you,
Padawan Cristina

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  1. 2 words for you ... government regulation.

    You wouldn't believe how much they stick their noses where they don't belong. There's actually a law in Texas that school can't start before the 4th Monday unless the school is a year round school. Definitely reDONCulous!!!