Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starting Out with Sleeping Beauty

So the title for this blog comes from my dear friend Gail who often comments to me that I'm "all about the party." It's just a hobby, I suppose. My husband thinks it's pent up creative expression from when I used to work in the film industry. Who knows, but it's good fun, and it makes me happy when a party that's supposed to go from 4-6pm lasts until 8 because everyone is having a great time!

Princess Turning Three
So my youngest daughter just turned three. When I asked her about a month ago what kind of party she wanted she requested a mermaid party. ??!! A mermaid party in October? I know it's Texas, but even here swimming wouldn't be fun unless the pool was heated. BUT I looked into it. (I even looked into renting a hot tub!) I checked out kid swim schools, aquatic centers, even hotels, but the problem was her age group. They all either had to be potty trained or wear these special swimmers that were not the regular kinds you get at the store. What's a mother to do? Nothing, let fate take care of itself, and with that the Disney deity showered down in a timely manner: Sleeping Beauty. Now my daughter is everything Aurora, (thankfully) and here are the results:


I love invitations! It's probably my favorite part of party planning, and I think it's one of the most important elements. If you have a great invite, people get excited about your gathering.

The Entrance through the thorny hedge

Too bad I didn't get a picture before the knights claimed the hedge for their armory! :)

After conquering the thorny hedge all princesses & knights collected their royal jewels & swords.

Then it was time for crafts - wands & shields - and lots of eating. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but we had food fit for a kingly feast: sausage & hot dogs on a stick w/rolls, beef stew soup bowls, apple dumplings, veggies & dip and chocolate pudding in a cone. YUM!

All along there was lots of playing.

Then it was time for cake & presents.

Needless to say everyone was tired out that evening.

Well, that's it. First post; I hope you enjoyed it. I'll add some oldies but goodies as I go along. And any of my friends out there who remember some of our past gatherings, remind me, so I can add them too!